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A project by Sophie Andreassend and Gabi Mulder. From laughing so hard it hurts, to handwritten letters, to losing track of time with someone new — these seemingly ordinary moments are all around us, yet are rarely given proper attention.

These cards are a reminder to revel in the small but meaningful moments that often pass us by. To slow down, stop and take a minute.
There are 51 cards included in each pack and we suggest you ask a friend, a lover or a stranger to choose the five cards they resonate with most. The cards that stir up memories, evoke laughter and breed uncontrollable smiles.

These cards serve as a space for gratitude and joy to grow, for friendships to blossom, conversation to flow and relationships to deepen. They are a reminder to look closely, because often the most ordinary of moments spark the greatest joy.

For the love of the little joys in life.